Somos – Temple of Plenty

Somos are outright worshippers of Hot Rod Circuit, and that suits me just fine. It’s about time more bands trod in the footsteps of an act who wrote some of the finest emo punk melodies ever penned. Everything that made that band great makes Somos great too: the big, expansive sounds, the slick lead parts twisting across the chorus and the choppy verses.

‘Familiar Theme’ gets the Boston-based act’s debut off to a fine start with some fine guitar interplay before ‘Domestic’ comes in with huge crashing chords and bold, confident song-writing that recalls elements of Braid and Promise Ring.

Comparisons of a more contemporary nature can be drawn with The Menzingers, through the clever yet simple vocal and melodic structures and a winning mixture of honesty and passion.

‘Strangest Example’ offers something more playful and breezy with less of a punk influence, displaying a definite diversity of influence and giving the album more depth and dimension. ‘Lifeline’ gets the rock going again but with a wonderful ebb and flow throughout the song, and the young group display a confidence and ability beyond their years.

‘Distorted Vision’ is the most Hot Rod Circuit-y track on the album, and therefore the best (obviously). It has industrial sized hooks and beautiful bending notes which pull the melody this way and that.

Somos only came together a couple of years ago, yet this is a fantastic debut and another example of an exciting new wave of feel-good emo punk, joining the likes of You Blew It! and Seahaven. This is a great get-in-the-mood-for-summer album from a band with plenty to offer.

– Alex Phelan

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