Mark Wynn – No Fun (not that one)

This new EP from Mark Wynn is a lo-fi punch in the face from the off. Think a semi electric first Andrew Jackson Jihad LP played by The White Stripes. But Northern English. There’s also a certain something of the Jarvis Cocker about this chap. Which is good.

I really enjoyed listening to this to start with and although my attention waned as the EP went on, it’s still a well solid collection of tunes and it sure as fuck isn’t for other people – it’s for Mark. Which is really good.

The lyrics are so fucking fantastic. Absolutely hilarious tirades about Britain, cups of tea, love, loss, underwhelming romances, not being bothered and all the other things that define British culture in a way that only Brits could ever understand. Which is not to say this won’t translate overseas – if The Libertines sell records then this is a guaranteed winner, one day, maybe not just yet. Which is not so good.

Standout track for me is “She Fancies Me That One In Age Concern” due to the aforementioned class lyrics being the best of the record for me. It’s snappy and fun with a hint of British seaside melancholy. A real peach.

The EP is available at for pay what you want download.

– Andy Chainsaw

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