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Escaping Reality with Wank For Peace

Watching any melodic hardcore punk band live – who are at least competent enough to play their instruments at the required speeds – is nearly always a visceral and exciting experience. But when you see a band who usurp the … Continue reading

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Bear VS Rhino – Vulture Song

Listening to Bear VS Rhino’s latest EP, Vulture Song, was a really interesting audio experience – the record demonstrates a maturity and development from their earlier EPs. However, I am having trouble in working out what the band are trying … Continue reading

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A Great Notion – A Little Scared

Being a little scared isn’t always a bad thing – it gets the adrenaline flowing, the heart racing and prepares the body to act fast. Good punk rock has always done the same for me and countless others. This is … Continue reading

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Living artfully with Hard Girls

San Jose’s Hard Girls have had a busy 2014, showcased perfectly by their well-deserved position on the Fest schedule. Although that’s to be expected considering several of the members are also in Shinobu, Pteradon, Classics of Love, The Bruce Lee … Continue reading

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