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Versus You – Moving On

Luxembourg is a country with a population of just over 500,000 – considerably less than the urban catchment area of my current residential city of Nottingham. Its ability to spawn a successful punk rock band is therefore significantly diminished but, … Continue reading

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Calculator – This Will Come To Pass

You have to envy any band that can come close to doing a good job of taking the jagged-edged, organised chaos of neo-punk noise that At The Drive-In championed over a decade ago now and drive it forwards, not replicating … Continue reading

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Doe – Let Me In [music]

London indie punks Doe have uploaded a song off their new collections LP – First Four – which complies tracks from their first four EPs released as self-released cassettes and CDrs over the past 18 months. The record is out … Continue reading

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Southlakes / Ceilings – Split EP

On first listen to this split EP by Ceilings and Southlakes, I had trouble distinguishing between the two artists. Admittedly it makes sense for them to release a split, considering their similarities, but neither band left a major impression on … Continue reading

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Maybeshewill – Fair Youth

I’ve been a fan of Maybeshewill for a long time. Admittedly they may have changed genre slightly, but I honestly think they’ve improved with each album. This may have meant I’d set my bar ridiculously high, but unfortunately Fair Youth … Continue reading

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Haze – Clouds Surround & Breathe

My first play of Haze’s debut album was in the office, and it didn’t really work for me there. I also tried the car on a bright sunny day, and again, no joy. However, through headphones, running around Richmond Park … Continue reading

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Grand Collapse: …It’s Fast

Thrash-punks Grand Collapse are busy. Described by the Venerable Bede of UK Punk Ian Glasper as “the single best punk band in the UK right now”, they are a pokey and intense prospect on all counts. With a shitnails fast … Continue reading

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