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Couchsurf around the world

People may say that Couchsurfing is another form of social networking, like Facebook or Twitter, but it’s so much more. It is a community made up of all kinds of people who enjoy traveling, partying and exploring new cultures. It … Continue reading

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Gnarwolves + Nai Harvest – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham – December 16

Gnarwolves want your weed. The plea went out across the venue, written on every wall, taped to every shirt and emblazoned across a large piece of cardboard on the merch desk. Hopefully they got some, because boy did they deserve … Continue reading

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Liberate yourself from the in-crowd

Animal liberation has become nothing more than a fucking status update on Facebook. The world of social media has extenuated the “me, me” attitude and everybody wants to be seen. Love and liberation are becoming fashion accessories and it’s a … Continue reading

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The Franceens – Stepford Smiles

The Franceens have a stripped-down garage punk sound that I like very much. There’s an energy in there that shines through every track and a back-to-basics rawness that shines when they are at their best – rocking out. While definitely … Continue reading

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Mark McCabe – A Good Way To Bury Bad News

As a rule, the Scottish accent sounds great when sung by someone with decent vocal cords. From The Proclaimers to Biffy Clyro – bands from north of the border have been using their distinctive twang to help differentiate themselves from … Continue reading

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Touché Amore + Self Defense Family – Rock City, Nottingham – December 8

Touché Amore arrived in Nottingham with a reputation at odds with their forthcoming performance. Like fellow screamo revivalists La Dispute, the savage punch and swagger of their recorded sound is rarely replicated on stage. It’s replaced by a group of … Continue reading

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Our version of events

Slovenia is a stunning country. For such a small nation it is impressively packed with a shit-ton of mountains, some beautiful lakes, enchanting caves and a great capital city. There is also a thriving punk scene, with plenty of bands … Continue reading

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