Liberate yourself from the in-crowd

Animal liberation has become nothing more than a fucking status update on Facebook. The world of social media has extenuated the “me, me” attitude and everybody wants to be seen. Love and liberation are becoming fashion accessories and it’s a very dangerous precedent.

What has happened to altruism? What has happened to people doing stuff ‘off the radar’? Well, my friends, that still happens – and those people don’t have a fucking Facebook account, or time to update it 24/7 – and if they do they don’t.

Careless talk costs lives, so the saying goes. Careless talk costs people their liberty and spoils direct action – careless talk is bollocks and there is no room for careless talk in a compassionate movement.

There is also no room for egos in the animal rights movement – it’s not about being tagged in a photo, it’s not about a status update, it’s about giving a fuck about saving lives – in other words, just do it!

Of course, Twitter and Facebook are useful networking tools, of course they are useful to update people of demo dates (although I think demos are a bit pointless to be honest) and they may even convert a few people, but Facebook isn’t real life – the people on there are often complete strangers (you never know somebody properly until you have had a real-life interaction with them over many months in the flesh).

I’m also tired of the constant bitching and arguing over who’s more vegan, who’s strain of veganism is better and why so and so is a cunt for not believing the same things as so and so.

I don’t give a fuck if a vegan has kids or wants kids, I don’t care if they sleep with non-vegans, I couldn’t give a fuck if they prefer direct action or not, like 269 or not or how long they’ve been vegan. It’s all pointless noise, it’s irrelevant bollocks driving the animal rights community – and I’ve heard enough of it!

– PB

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