Midday Committee – Girls In Open C

I want to start by saying that, if you like pop-punk, you should probably give this a listen. It’s really good. I didn’t know what to expect, having never heard Midday Committee before, and after reading the reasoning behind their EP title; “[t]he songs are about girls and the tuning is almost Open C”. However, I was surprised by how good this is.

About 30 seconds into ‘I Swear to God I’m Going to Pistol Whip the Next Guy Who Says Shenanigans’, I realised how much I like this band. They are clearly influenced by bands like Rufio and The Holiday Plan, meaning their songs are more complicated than the generic three chords with palm muted verses.

The entire EP is very similar, making it hard to choose a favourite song. It’s not a bad thing though, Midday Committee are good at what they do, and the EP doesn’t get boring and repetitive. Final song ‘Just Me and You’ is the only song offering anything different; an acoustic number featuring Searching Alaska’s Christina Rotondo.

To be honest, they aren’t doing anything particularly ground breaking, but they are what’s been missing from the pop-punk scene recently. Compared to other modern bands there’s something completely effortless about Midday Committee. It’s pure unadulterated pop-punk straight from the 90s, and I can’t find anything to dislike about it. It’s a very good way to spend 25 minutes.

– Alex Ryan

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