Laura Mardon – One Week Record

I first met Laura when we played a show together. She was still calling herself Transfere Project and I was still calling myself MC iPod. Actually, I’m still calling myself MC iPod but that’s another story for another day. I was instantly taken aback by Laura’s songwriting coupled with the fragility of her voice and general delivery.

So we kept in touch, she ultimately dropped the Transfere Project name, moved to Australia, released some demos and got invited to record an album with Joey Cape of Lagwagon. Joey started a label called One Week Records. The premise is this; you live in Joey’s house for a week and record a 10-track album in his home studio, with him on production duties. The very fact that Joey was enough of a fan to want to record her should be an indication of the quality to expect here.

Laura’s songwriting is impeccable. The way she can tell a fairly mundane, true to life, story and turn it into heartfelt poetry is nothing short of amazing. Her vocal delivery – and playing for that matter – is gentle without lacking energy. Her lyrics are earnest without being dull, autobiographical without being self-indulgent.

Listening back, there’s a definite sense of 90s female indie/pop singers in here. Bic Runga for instance; that sort of thing, anyway. Definitely more Bic Runga than Chuck Ragan, anyway.

All in all, a truly amazing album that I implore you to listen to. And not only does it have my stamp of approval, it has Joey Cape’s.

– Ian Perry

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