Great Cynics – I Feel Weird

Fuck me this is a bit good, isn’t it.

I figured I’d start bluntly so you could – hopefully – feel the same way I felt when I heard this album. Having been there when Cynics, as they were called at the time when it was just Giles Bidder, first started out and were good – albeit scrappy – it’s pretty awe-inspiring to watch them evolve into a band who can release their third full length and be this good.

Musically, it’s probably closer to Lemonheads-esque 90s rock than modern punk rock, although if I had to compare them to any current band you could make a case for The Smith Street Band. Lyrically, the band definitely wear their hearts on their sleeves. Opening track ‘Want You Around’ is an ode by Giles to his former housemate Chunky. ‘North Street’ is Iona contemplating her feelings on, well, people in general. I think I even heard some lead vocals from Bob somewhere on this record!

Basically, I don’t think you can fault this record. It’s just a damn good, honest, album and has enough woahs to keep anyone happy.

– Ian Perry

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