Oui Legionnaires – It’s Not What You Need, It’s What You’ve Got (so shut it.)

When a link to this latest EP arrived in my inbox I was really excited to see it was from Oui Legionnaires, a punky, emo-y “yelp-core” three-piece from the South West of England, a.k.a. my neck of the woods.

It’s Not What You Need, It’s What You’ve Got (so shut it.) is an upbeat and infectious third EP from the Cheltenham trio, jam-packed with five tracks which are easy to nod your head and tap your foot to. One small criticism though: was “Dear Charlie, please write a hilarious title for this song, lots of love Chris” really necessary? The 47-second-long introduction to the EP seemed a little underdeveloped to me, and if I had listened to the EP without the first track, I probably wouldn’t have felt like it was missing anything.

The vocals are strong throughout, if a little rough around the edges, and they remind me a little of early Blink-182, especially in “Million Dollar Shark Punch”. Their lyrics contrast with the tone they’re sung in, as Chris and Charlie’s voices sound upbeat whilst singing about heartbreak and growing up.

“Flat Peaks” is my highlight of the EP: the introduction and instrumentals meander without feeling stale or repetitive, and the guitar work is really interesting to listen to throughout. The occasional wail of feedback adds a grungy feel to the track, and the drumming and cymbal work, also noted in “Fuck You Nottingham”, is pure excellence.

Oui Legionnaires definitely took a more DIY approach when self-producing this EP, and if their goal was to make their sound seem more authentic, honest and raw, they’ve certainly achieved that.

It’s Not What You Need, It’s What You’ve Got (so shut it.) is set to be released through Bandcamp on March 21, and with a UK tour planned for July and August, I can already envisage Oui Legionnaires tearing up stages across the country.

– Katie Boyden

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