TWIABP/Kittyhawk/Rozwell Kid/Two Knights – Sundae Bloody Sundae

Skeletal Lightning’s four-band split, Sundae Bloody Sundae, features songs from The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, Rozwell Kid, Kittyhawk and Two Knights.

First up is TWIABP. ‘Fat Heaven’ passes by fairly quickly. It’s not a bad song, but doesn’t grab me as much as their other songs do. It’s a disappointing way to start the split to be honest.

Fortunately though, next up is Rozwell Kid, with their offering ‘The Weather (Spirit Night)’. I was lucky enough to see these guys a couple of weeks ago with Tiny Moving Parts and You Blew It, and their infectious emo-tinged pop is great live (even if their guitarist thinks he’s Jimi Hendrix…). Their track is similar to other Rozwell Kid songs; very catchy and sounds like Weezer would if they still cared.

Now on to the bands I’ve not heard before; Kittyhawk’s ‘Soft Serve’ is the third song. After the excitement of Rozwell Kid, it’s a bit dull really. It’s a poor man’s Football, Etc and I didn’t care for it really.

And saving the best for last is Two Knights with ‘Benji’s Cool Times Summer Jamz’. Channeling Algernon Cadwallader at their best, Two Knights’ song is the best on the split. It’s more upbeat than the other songs, and is a clear cut above the other songs.

Overall, the split is fairly forgettable. It seems to be made up of songs cut from other albums, so I don’t think it’s indicative of the bands’ quality particularly. Two Knights and Rozwell Kid definitely come out on top.

– Alex Ryan

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