I, The Lion – Hold Strong

What do you get if you put a tattooist, a videographer and a lifeguard in a band? In this case, an incredibly tight three-piece that aren’t afraid to experiment with oddball tunings and off-beat timings.

I, The Lion are quite simply, THE loudest band I have ever heard, and seen. Inspired by bands such as Rueben, Biffy Clyro and Blakfish, some of their fans include bands such as Empire, Stillbust and Arcane Roots – not a bad crowd to be cast amongst. So when I was asked to review their debut single ‘Hold Strong’ I jumped at the chance.

Full of excitement, life and energy, ‘Hold Strong’ almost convinces you that there are more members to the Cheltenham-based three-piece. As mentioned, these guys are loud, and are a sound engineer’s nightmare, taking most by surprise.

One thing that I, The Lion cannot be accused of, is straightforward lyrics. ‘Hold Strong’ tells the tale of the soldiers that carried the Enigma Machine through enemy lines and onto a submarine. The soldiers are filled with hope that they “might just make it home”.

As debut singles go, I, The Lion have certainly gone about things the right way, recording with Jason Wilson (You Me At Six, Fightstar, Reuben) and making the video themselves.

Their third EP titled ‘Run’ is due out later this year. But if you do go see these guys live, be sure to take a brolly, because they are not only the loudest band, but the sweatiest too.

– Si Watten

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