Gravity Ghost – Heartbeats (Rewind)

Indie-electro isn’t really a genre that’s getting a lot of attention at the moment; however one band I have been keeping an eye on is London trio Gravity Ghost.

Two-thirds of the group will be known from their days in Birmingham alternative punk rock outfit A Day Called Desire. Since the demise of ADCD (and the very brief appearance as This Is Greed), Daniel Crossan (vocals) and Matthew Lewis (guitar, synth and programming) have teamed up with Thomas MacKay (drums). The result is electro alt-pop trio Gravity Ghost.

Their debut single, which was released on Friday 22nd August, is titled ‘Heartbeats (Rewind)’.

Recorded in Poland, and mixed by Brendan Davies at Karma Studios in Thailand, ‘Heartbeats (Rewind)’ fuses together Crossan’s unique vocals, pop melodies, 80s synth, dance, and even post-hardcore guitar riffs in the hard hitting breaks.

An upbeat radio-friendly summer anthem is how ‘Heartbeats’ could be described, with a lot of unique touches added. The distinctive vocals pierce through the samples and synth, whilst the raw guitars remain loyal to the band’s alternative past. The lyrics are once again clever, and demonstrate Daniel’s artistic and creative talent.

Although similar sounding to Two Door Cinema Club, The Drums and Passion Pit, Gravity Ghost should appeal to a wide range of people.

This is a really exciting project that I will be keeping close to, and hoping they can bring their new style and add to it with the live shows.

– Si Watten

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