Prawn – Kingfisher

I first got into Prawn in the same way many of us start listening to certain bands – to impress a girl. However, as soon as I gave their first EP False Institutions a listen, I knew I’d like them. In two short years Prawn have released a full-length album, another EP, two splits, a two-track single and received a shout out from Andrew WK. Apparently he heard they like to party.

Kingfisher immediately sets the tone with ‘Scud Running’, an emo song reminiscent of Rival Schools. It’s nothing spectacular, but serves as a great opener to the more upbeat, heavier ‘First as Tragedy, Second as Farce’. By the time ‘Dialectic Of…’ starts you’ll already know how much you like this album. There are definite similarities to Joie De Vivre and Tiny Moving Parts, but Prawn are a cut above. Everything those other bands do well, Prawn do better, faster and catchier.

Showing their maturity, there are a few stripped-back, slow songs on Kingfisher. Nothing special for an emo-indie band, but something Prawn seem to have struggled with until know. ‘Absurd Walls’ is quite possibly my favourite track on the album, and it’s different from a lot of earlier stuff. Think Kevin Devine crossed with Youthmovies and you’re not far off.

‘Thalassa’ and ‘Runner’s Body’ pick up the pace again, and the album builds until final track ‘Halcyon Days’; an excellent closer. Similar to their first EP, ‘Halcyon Days’ has an air of post rock to it as the song builds up over five minutes, to a huge crescendo.

You can currently stream the entirety of Kingfisher on AV Club, and I recommend it. Prawn have perfected their blend of emo-indie-punk. Admittedly the post rock element has mostly disappeared, but the songs do not lack for it. If you are already a fan of the band then you will like this, and the harshest thing I could say is that it is definitely a Prawn album. Whilst there are some fresh elements, it is very similar to their earlier stuff.

– Alex Ryan

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