Living Room – Moonchaser

Brooklyn-based band Living Room are back with their second album Moonchaser. In the promo material for the album, one thing stood out to me the most: the comparison to an impressionist painting. I thought this was a very bold claim, and unfortunately it came a little short. At best, I would describe it as paint-by-numbers familiar emo and punk that we’ve all come to love.

Kicking straight in with a clean guitar ballad, I’m instantly reminded of American Football and then, with the second track, the heavier songs of Brand New and Title Fight. This formula is repeated throughout the album with the occasional nod towards twinkly emo stalwarts Algernon Cadwallader.

Also in the promo notes, the song writing process was described as a map of singer and guitarist Scott Fitzpatrick’s painful and exhausting life. If you were to write a soundtrack over a difficult point in your life, this album would be a very adapt reflection of sadness, anger and reflection.

Unfortunately the comparison to Van Gogh comes a little short again as I don’t hear the sounds of someone slicing their ear off for a loved one. Overall, this is a good slice of angst-ridden emo/punk that would go down well at a toilet venue near you.

– Joe Anderson

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