Gnarwolves: Learning to Love

Gnarwolves are not afraid to speak their mind. Their fast, furious and forthright punk rock anthems have taken the UK by storm, and this year will be their biggest yet with a debut album and a main stage appearance at Reading and Leeds festival.

Scene Better Days asked the Brighton outfit a few questions about the new record, touring partners, punk rock and the finer things in life. We were treated to some pretty candid answers from a band who are, quite rightly, only concerned with having the time of their life.

Every time I go to one of your shows it’s packed and everyone knows the words. How has it all happened so fast?

We actually became as famous as we are because of a YouTube video I uploaded of us covering A Day To Remember, which lead to us not only touring with One Direction but also sharing management. I couldn’t be happier.

It’s either that, or we go on tour a lot more than the average UK band? I don’t know to be honest; it’s probably 50% luck and 50% you turning up to the right shows (they aren’t all rammed!).

You just finished recording the album. Are you feeling pressure, or just excitement?

There’s no pressure. We’re not the first band to put out a record, just another band putting out a record. I do think it’s a good record though, in case you were interested/wondering.

What can we expect from the new album – more of the same or a different Gnarwolves?

You should wait and listen to it. I don’t think I’m properly qualified to review our own record.

You’re playing Fest 13 which you must be pretty chuffed about. But any other plans to go stateside this year?

Yeah, we’re working on something. We’ll let you know when the time is right. We’re so stoked about Fest. Have you seen the line up? Incredible.

It feels like the last 10 years has seen a real drop-off in bands with a skate-punk influence. Do you feel like part of a dying breed or is their hope out there?

I don’t really care how many skate punk bands there are, I think as a genre all the ground has been covered by a whole slew of amazing bands, almost 20 years ago. Music goes through trends in the same way as all other aspects of pop culture. Everyone loves the 90s revival at the moment but that could all change in a years’ time. There might be a million reblogs of a Strung Out gif on Tumblr this time next year, who knows? Chances are it’ll just be more Suburban American teenagers pretending to be Kurt Cobain though.

You did the UK dates of A Wilhelm Scream’s UK tour. There must be a lot to learn from bands as experienced as those guys?

We learnt that the bassist from A Wilhelm Scream looks like the singer from Flatliners’ brother. We learnt that those boys don’t smoke as weed as their friends suggest.

We learnt that we’ll never be as good at playing as they are. We learnt that we love A Wilhelm Scream. Learning to love is important right?

Who are your favourite fellow UK bands to play shows with?

Great Cynics, Bangers, Woah Nows, Nai Harvest. Playing with As We Sink was always great but they stopped playing together.

Can you give Scene Better Days a few decent beer recommendations?

Probably nothing you haven’t heard of man. Max is on a Tyskie trip at the moment and Charlie is drinking Guinness.

How much weed do you guys get through on your average tour?

How much wood can a wood chuck chuck?

– Alex Phelen

Find out where the band will be next smoking at

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