Runaway Brother – Summer/Autumn

As a prelude to their debut full-length album, Runaway Brother has released the very short EP Summer/Autumn.

First up in the title track ‘Summer/Autumn’. Almost immediately the song is reminiscent of Tubelord, but unfortunately a weaker version. It’s catchy however, and to be honest, beating Tubelord at their own game is always going to be difficult.

Second track ‘Xeric’ doesn’t do them many favours. The intro is slower; suggesting something unique about Runaway Brother, and I initially found myself liking it, although it soon descends into the same anonymous emo-indie-pop, and I was a tad disappointed.

Overall it’s not bad, but these two tracks fail to really make an impression. A Great Big Pile of Leaves, Tiny Moving Parts and Their/They’re/There are just a handful of bands doing it better at the moment. I’m loath to write them off before the album is released, but they’ll have to up their game over the next few months for my opinion to really change, and focus more on what makes them different from the rest.

– Alex Ryan

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