Fight Like Apes – Whigfield Sextape EP

Fight Like Apes. A name I always look forward to seeing crop up in places. I first heard them many years ago when an old housemate played me their first album. His sister had heard it and sent it to him, as she thought he’d appreciate their weird and quirky nature. He did, and wanted to pay it forward as he figured that I, too, would appreciate this. If I wasn’t sold by this point, the refrain of “SUPLEX! SUPLEX! SUPLEX! BACKBREAKER!” was enough to sell me. I was definitely a fan.

Fast forward a few years and a second album has been released which – whilst still a great album – lost some of the off-kilter charm of the début. This new EP carries on this trend of veering more towards – shock horror – serious music. MayKay’s vocals and synth are still the elements in the spotlight here, although, as with the second album, they feel slightly more sedate than they could be.

Ignoring the band’s early work – and taking this EP as just that, a singular EP – it is a mighty fine release. Four tracks of somewhat weirder-than-average, synth-lead, indie-pop with distinct (in the good way) vocals. Alas, though, I’m probably always going to yearn for the batshit craziness of that first album.

In conclusion: a great EP, but not as crazy as I’d have liked.

– Ian Perry

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