PUP – Self Titled

Trying to find a band which PUP sound like is hard. There are clear influences, but the closest I can make is if The Dissociates and The (International) Noise Conspiracy resurrected Johnny Ramone, moved to California and started a band. It’s slightly strange then that they hail from Toronto then. But it works, mostly…

Their songs sound rough, but the melodies are well crafted and the lyrics are as catchy as any pop song.

I find it hard to find things to dislike about this album, but similarly, I find it hard to be that excited about it. My main issue is that this release sounds almost like a compilation, such is the variety between the songs. Songs like ‘Mabu’ and ‘Cul-De-Sac’ almost sound like festival anthems, ‘Never Try’ and ‘Dark Days’ are basically pop songs, whereas opening tracks ‘Guilt Trip’ and ‘Reservoir’ sound like they could close down a club night.

I found myself getting a bit bored in the middle, especially due to the strength of the opening and closing songs, with ‘Back Against The Wall’ being probably my favourite song on the album. I imagine everyone would like at least a couple of songs off this album, and if that was the plan then this is very well executed. It’s probably worth a listen or two.

– AR

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