Lung Season – 2014

I started listening to the first track ‘Table 13’ as I read through the biography for Lung Season, a four-piece Scottish band blending punk, emo, drinking problems and blah blah blah, and quickly formed the impression that this band have listened to far too much Hot Water Music, and were just producing an inferior version.

However, as soon as the gruff “Breathe in” starts on ‘Run Dry’, my opinion changed. The tempo is faster, and the song sounds a lot more complete. The gang vocals work particularly well and the guitars are lot more intricate.

The EP finishes with third track ‘Boring Conversations’; almost a combination of the two earlier songs. The balance of the song shifts fairly wildly from verse to chorus, but it flows reasonably well and doesn’t sound too disjointed. The emo influence is fully apparent, and this track sounds like a strange mix of Crash of Rhinos and Good Riddance. Strange, but still pretty awesome.

Recorded over 24 hours, 2014 is a very promising start. ‘Table 13’ is definitely the weakest track, but the other two songs do more than enough to make up for it. I’m looking forward to what Lung Season can produce given more time, and a longer album. Definitely one to look out for.

– AR

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