Seahaven – Silhouette (Latin Skin)


At this time of year, as the grey little island we call home is battered by a seemingly unending storm-ocalypse, the perfect remedy, apart from a cup of tea, is a band who remind us that the sun does still exist and there are better times ahead.

This EP represents Seahaven’s first release since full length Winter Forever (2011) but there’s nothing wintery about the sun-drenched, stripped-down indie-punk of Silhouette.

The sleepy, delicate strumming of title track ‘Silhouette’ laps at your senses like gentle waves before a rousing chorus of tambourines and percussion. It’s something like the Weakerthans jamming it out with Friendly Fires.

Next is ‘Sleep Alone’, a more sombre, brooding affair, where vocalist Kyle Soto questions his inability to form lasting relationships. He forlornly concedes, “I am young, forever young, selfish though, I sleep alone.” It builds to a crescendo with backing vocals whirling around Soto’s plaintive reflections, and oddly the feel is joyous; an ode to the uncertainty of youth.

Final track ‘Phantom Family’ admittedly made me laugh because the opening riff sounds almost identical to Don’t Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult, right down to the timing of the drumbeat kicking in. To the dudes in Seahaven – if you’ve never watched the ‘More Cowbell’ sketch on Saturday Night Live, please get it on You Tube, now. Or maybe you did it on purpose?

Once I’d finally got over it, I enjoyed the song, with its rousing, rock-out chorus and celebration of existence whatever may come your way, as Soto proclaims “where we are in life is now, even if it ain’t what you want”.

Still in their early twenties, Seahaven display a maturity beyond their years, and offer something very different to chew on. There are tweaks and adjustments to be made, and their structures and arrangement could do with being galvanised and refined before the next full length, but there’s a lot to like here.

If you’re a fan of Minus The Bear, The Decemberists or any of the bands I’ve mentioned in the review then give this EP a listen as it’ll be right up your creek.

– AP

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