Mike Petruccelli – No Refrain

no refrain

Following on from his last record, ‘The Longest Day of my Life’, released with acoustic-punk band Dead End Days, it wasn’t long until Ohio-born Mike Petruccelli was at it again, this time though, solo.

The four-track all-acoustic EP ‘No Refrain’ is refreshingly good, full of punk infused acoustic sounds. Each track acts as a guide through Petruccelli’s introspective lyrics, full of personal experiences and stories. Think break up album and you’re on the right page.

The personal feel flowing throughout his EP allows the listener to relate with Petruccelli, making the release that little bit more special. Although lyrically, not the cheeriest of EP releases, its fast-paced guitar intros definitely make up for it. In fact, ‘No Refrain’ seems to grow on me more with every listen, so go ahead and check it out!

– SG

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