Nature Channel – Nature Sounds

Before I start this review, I’d like to give major props to Nature Channel, who have managed to put out a full-length record in just over a year after their formation in Brighton. That’s no mean feat!

The album in question, titled Nature Sounds, opens with a bang. ‘Chet Baker’ sets the scene for a great punk rock record, full of crashing cymbals, aggressive guitars and shredded voices.

The album has a fairly lo-fi sound, which gives it a raw and grungy feel. The record is an unrelenting wall of sound that I honestly can’t get enough of. There’s a lot of focus on the drumming throughout, as well as loads of gang vocals and punchy choruses.

A few more pop-inspired tracks, such as ‘Loose Parts’ and ‘Give Me Happiness’, feature lyrics that could easily belong to a pop rock number – but with added passion. Then there’s ‘Blood Flow’, which starts slow and bluesy before suddenly picking up speed and reminding the listener that Nature Channel are an unapologetic punk rock band.

Highlights include the intros of ‘Kept Man’ and ‘Hot Sands’. But it’s on the tracks ‘Pro-Seminar’ and ‘One Shot’ where Nature Channel really come into their own – they stand out from the crowd and help keep the listener interested and engaged.

So, if you’re in need of some brand spanking new punk rock then Nature Channel are definitely the band for you.

– Katie Boyden

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  1. To be honest, at first I was unsure about them at the start of One Shot as they sounded heavy for a punk rock band, but it’s really catchy and they have a nice touch, sort of addictive listening

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