Annabel – Having It All

From the off this is exactly the kind of record I love. It’s emo with one of those singers that can sing, but chooses not to at the heavy bits. Having It All starts off with ‘Another Day, Another Vitamin’, which is basically perfect. Imagine what Weezer would be doing now if ‘Island In The Sun’ had never happened and Hugh Hefner hadn’t let them play the worst house show of all time. I can’t really say enough good things about it. If you like Weezer, I Kill Giants or (to a lesser extent) Dikembe, it’s totally for you. The record features some classic emo build-ups that Dads would be jealous of and the vocals are very much in line with all of these bands through a lens of Chris Conley.

After a cracking start the record slows a bit – in pace, not quality – to give us a little breather, before building back up in a Dads/Foxing kind of way. Annabel have all the musicality in the world on this LP, totally worth buying if you like modern emo at all.

The record on the whole sounds great; it has all the quality of a third LP and all the urgency of a first EP. Please show me a store that has all of their LPs in stock!

Stand out tracks on Having It All include ‘Everything’, ‘Days In Between’, ‘Another Day, Another Vitamin’ and ‘Ex-Introvert’. I predict this will be in my top 20 records of the year, I cannot wait to see this band live in a sweaty basement.

– Andy Blyth

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