Temple – Kill/Let Die

Sometimes you hear an album that lifts you up in your musical horizons to a place you’d never before considered. Sometimes you hear a band that makes the whole thing we do on our weekends and holidays, where we travel the country and get into debt to hang out and play songs, totally worth it. Temple is one such band.

On this eight-minute EP there is enough invention and musicality to rival some bands’ entire careers. In places like At The Drive-In, in places like Fugazi and so much more, Kill/Let Die is one of those emo EPs that make life worth living.

Both songs on this EP are very highly constructed slices of very high end emo rock. With comparisons in my mind to the likes of Rival Schools, Fugazi, At The Drive-In and Grown Ups, this is probably the best new thing I’ve listened to in 2015. Go and get it! I’m off to listen to it again.

Out now on Texas is Funny: http://texasisfunnyrecords.bigcartel.com/product/temple-kill-let-die-7

– Andy Blyth

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