Somos / Sorority Noise – Split

This review may be a bit biased, as I currently love Somos. I’m fairly certain their debut album “Temple of Plenty” was my favourite album of 2014, so I was excited to see them release a couple more songs – and they do not disappoint. “Letters From an Absent Future” and “Back and Forth” are both fantastic pop punk songs. Both are slightly emo, and if you’re a fan of Tigers Jaw or Their/They’re/There then you’ll like these.

“Dobranoc” is Sorority Noise’s first offering. At first I thought it was a bit of a damp squib; it’s only 99 seconds long, and nothing really happens. However, it seems to be actually functioning as an introduction to “Wesleyan’s Best Dressed” – as this, it succeeds greatly. The final song is probably the best song of the four. It’s another emo-tinged pop punk song, but is more aggressive than Somos’ sugar-coated music.

Whilst none of these songs are any better than anything on “Temple of Plenty” and Sorority Noise’s debut album “Forgettable”, they serve as a brilliant sampler of what to expect on the albums, and I would recommend all three. Both of these bands are something to look out for, and probably won 2014.

– Alex Ryan

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