Scene Better Days: Ian’s favourites of 2014

One of our regular contributors, Ian Perry, owner of Aaahh!!! Real Records, has taken the time to get down his five favourite albums of last year. Find out below what he deemed worthy of inclusion.

I’ve been thinking I should contribute more to the good ship SBD and a “best of the year” article seemed like an easy way to achieve that!

Ducking Punches – Dance Before You Sleep

I expected a lot from this, and it still somehow blew me away. I’ve been a fan of Ducking Punches for years – even releasing some of their stuff on my label – but still wasn’t expecting something on this high a level. An emotional rollercoaster in nine tracks and essential listening.

Fatherson – I Am An Island

A lazy way to describe Fatherson would be a Scottish Lonely the Brave, so let’s stick with that. Especially as I first heard Fatherson supporting the aforementioned LTB. This album is just massive. Unbelievably massive. Big hook after big hook.

PUP – Self Titled

A year ago I had no idea who PUP were, and in 2014 they supported everyone and released this absolute belter of a début album. They almost remind me of Cloak/Dagger at times and that’s a band name I haven’t heard in a long time.

Lonely the Brave – The Day’s War

The only thing that stopped me loving this album more, was the fact that I’d heard most of the tracks so many times already. Having been following this band for literally years – through various EPs and promo releases – it is something of a relief to finally have this album see the light of day; yet I am definitely already eager to hear some new material.

Martha – Courting Strong

Like ONSIND? Like pop music? Love Martha.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Brawlers released the best EP of the year by far, with “I Am a Worthless Piece of Shit”.

– Ian Perry

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