The Dead Anyways – Direct Me Home

The Dead Anyways have a working class sound, worn ragged from work and obligations stretching them thin. I picture them self-medicating on booze, stumbling home, only to wake up significantly worse for wear. Given the chance tomorrow, I bet they go out and do it again.

That’s the initial backdrop to their EP Direct Me Home, featuring four variations on the three minute punk anthem. These mid-tempo songs are pared-down versions of punk’s gritty roots, probably written while riding out a nasty hangover. It’s clear they’ve done their homework; the songs remind me of some of the best, including Jawbreaker and Leatherface, among others.

The songs are solid tribute to what has come before, even if they don’t cover any particularly new ground. The choruses have the start of hooks, just waiting for an extra hint of melody to push them over the top. The EP is a solid foundation to build on… and the world needs bands like this one to help carry the torch.

Overall, I’d say three out of five stars if you’re into ratings… They’re worth a listen and I’ll be curious to hear where their inspirations take them next.

– Michael Kennedy

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