Mike TV – Sausage Hospital

Mike TV. I’m sure you know who they are. You probably hate them, everyone does. It seems to be the done thing to have an active dislike for Mike TV. Maybe it’s guitarist Jhon’s somewhat abrasive nature that puts people off? Or maybe just his massive, weird hair?

Anyway, I never understood people’s dislike for this band. At their core, Mike TV are a Screeching Weasel-esque pop punk band, taking influence from the likes of the Queers and Ramones; and sounding not unlike their contemporaries such as Brighton’s Random Heroes or the more modern Don Blake.

So, yeah, why the hate? Mike TV – formerly Picked Dick – are now three albums, and several EPs, into their careers and this, their latest, is as enjoyable as their previous work. Expect huge hooks and lots of many-part vocal harmonies which are so sugary sweet they put Masked Intruder to shame.

In a nutshell, this is another excellent pop punk album from an excellent pop punk band. Unfortunately, they can’t seem to shame this stigma that seems to be indelibly etched upon them; which probably means that many will never give this album the chance it deserves.

– Ian Perry

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