Museum Mouth – Alex I Am Nothing

Starting off like a cross between Idlewild and The Thermals, ‘Alex I Am Nothing’ by Museum Mouth is a blistering 11-track concept album, slotting into the rock and roll sonic alphabet somewhere between Ash (Trailer/Nu-clear Sounds-era) and Talking Heads for my money. Each song on the record deals with a different facet of unrequited love and missed opportunities.

At times throughout this album there are shades of both the songwriting class and searing sardonic take on life found on the first We Are Scientists record. At other times the guitar-lead sonic shrapnel is more befitting of early Thermals records.

Stand out tracks include the bouncy yet heart wrenching ‘Crocodile’, the slice of fuzz-pop perfection ‘Just Friends’ and the danceable, cry/sing/scream-along-able belter ‘Drool’. Even bothering with stand out tracks on this slice of beauty is insulting but these are my favourites as of right now.

Museum Mouth, like the aforementioned WAS, manage to blend together seamlessly the best bits of both British and American rock music, well done that band!

This record is like a great movie (and record); I won’t ruin it anymore since you can only experience it first once. Five stars, top marks, recommended, whatever. Buy it says I.

– Andy Chainsaw

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