Brontide – Artery

Artery is the second album from Brontide. It may lack some of the ferocity of earlier offerings, but the three-piece have simply tamed the beast. This is just as good as Sans Souci, and still sounds like a Brontide album, but it’s just not as heavy. As such, Artery is a lot more laid back, and almost makes for easy listening in a similar vein to Explosion In The Sky.

If you’ve seen Brontide live over the past couple of years you’ll immediately recognise opening track ‘Tonitro’, as they’ve been opening with it for a while. It’s similar to their older songs, as the layered guitar builds for almost three minutes before the drums and bass kick in, leading immediately into previously released track ‘Bare My Bones’. There are surreal hints of ‘Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye’, but the song soon distances itself from that, and is another heavy Brontide song of old.

However, with ‘Kith and Kim’ we’re introduced to the lighter side of Brontide. This a lot more chilled out, and could almost pass for a Foals or Colour song. It’s a bit unusual, but it’s still very good, and you’ll definitely find yourself nodding along. There are even some synth parts. This softer side continues for a few songs, until the excellent ‘Caramel’ comes along and gives you a strong kick, before the huge final song ‘Red Gold’. It seems Artery has building to it for the past 40 minutes, and it definitely delivers.

Overall, Artery is great. Brontide have broadened their horizons a bit, and it has definitely paid off.

– Alex Ryan

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