Hard Girls – A Thousand Surfaces

The first thing I think when listening to the latest offering from San Jose’s Hard Girls is that they sound like a good, likable Menzingers. Don’t get me wrong, I like The Menzingers, but Hard Girls just do it better. The band is made up of San Jose royalty, containing members from Shinobu, Pteradon, The Bruce Lee band, Marathon States and November Trials, as well as being three quarters of Jesse Michaels’ Classics of Love.

The album kicks off with ‘The Quark’; a catchy pop punk song which instantly sets the tone for the album. But it’s second track ‘Sign of the Dune’ where you realise how good this album could be. Starting with a group of people yelling is always a strong start with me. The song builds on the strong foundations of ‘The Quark’, and sounds so full. Considerably more so than Shinobu or Pteradon.

Fortunately, the album never lets up, and it’s incredible for a 14-track record. Similar to Gnarwolves, ordered chaos reigns, and each song is ferocious as the last, but they never lose their catchiness. ‘Without a Sound’ and ‘Samizdat’ are slower songs, and act as a pleasant break in the middle, just enough time to pop the kettle on and get a biscuit, before the album kicks off again.

A Thousand Surfaces is one of the best albums I’ve heard this year. Hard Girls have succeeded where bands like Pup and Southpaw have failed in bringing a fresh approach to punk rock without destroying the main concept.

– Alex Ryan

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