Free Throw – Lavender Town

Free Throw have all the makings of a class act, producing a highly melodic and thoughtful sound which combines elements of pop and gruff punk.

Boasting a total of three guitars, theirs is certainly a busy sound, and they have used this four-track EP, which precedes their debut full length out later in the year, to showcase their varied sound, offering something different with each tune.

Lavender Town begins with the booming ‘Slam With The Best Or Jam Like The Rest’, which hooks the listener in and gets them bouncing around. It’s a fantastic track and is bound to go down a treat live. We are now prepared for a riff-fest and shout-a-longs, so it is slightly baffling that the band opted to follow it with the much slower, downbeat ‘Now Kith’. The contrast from first to second track is awkward, but given there are only four songs to work with, we can forgive them.

The title track is up next and it’s a deceptive one, constantly changing pace and in heaviness, meaning you never got bored.

There is a lot going on in final track Pennsylvania Dutch too: the three guitars strum up a quiet, unthreatening melody for almost a minute, and then we are treated to driving punk rock and bitter lyrics, (‘twelve packs and cigarettes are the only thing that help, and they’re probably less detrimental to my fucking health than you’), before it’s all wound up in a manner reminiscent of Brand New.

One point of criticism that could be thrown at Free Throw is that, in trying to do so much and moving in so many directions, they do not have an obviously distinguishable sound.

On the other hand, listeners with longer attention spans will value their boldness and willingness to stand out from the rest.

– Richard Martin

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