End Of Pipe – Keep Running

It is hard to believe Brazilian punks End Of Pipe are yet to play outside South America. They sing in perfect English and their melodic, gruff punk sound would see them fit easily on to most punk tours.

Getting to Europe is surely one of the reasons behind their signing to Bomber Music, and given the quality displayed on their first foreign release, it probably won’t be long before they are checking in their instruments and flying across the Atlantic.

This four-piece confess to being raised on 90s US punk and cut their teeth playing at skateboard competitions, so it is not surprising to hear elements of So Cal punk in their sound, as well as a large slice of Hot Water Music.

Although a slight Brazilian accent comes through on guitarist Uirá Medeira’s vocals, the delivery of his lyrics is no less clear, and the band have developed an accomplished sound in their eight years together.

Opening track ‘Fall’ begins with a riff reminiscent of Revolutions Per Minute-era Rise Against and is a fine way to kick off this slick and complete EP.

Next song ‘Pollution’ continues in a similar vein, but the pace drops a couple of notches on following track ‘Rain’. Its simple yet catchy chorus creates an epic feel, and is the stand out track of the record.

There is no drop in quality for the remainder of the EP, and the title track brings a triumphant close to what is a thoroughly solid release for Europeans to get their teeth into.

While End Of Pipe are not bringing anything new to the table, fans of melodic/gruff punk should lap this record up, and there is no reason why these Brazilians cannot build up a legion of foreign fans and share a stage with the leaders of the punk rock scene in Europe and North America.

– Richard Martin

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