Dust Bowl Jokies – The Wicked /// Blood, Sweat & Perfume

Dust Bowl Jokies, to my mind, sound like a very solid bluesy rock ‘n’ roll band. Pay your tenner, throw some horns and drink the night away. There’s not really any special reason to choose to listen to this band over Mötley Crüe, but they do sound like MC, so if that’s your bag, this will be too. As you can probably guess, it ain’t for me.

I don’t know, I know fine and well I’m boring for not liking rock ‘n’ roll – I am however breathing heavily at the prospect of seeing Radon and Mineral this year so yeah, as I said, it really isn’t for me.

The positives. DBJ are punchy, fun and rockin’ in 4/4 with not a fucking jot of interest in what I think of their genre. It’s well produced and it’s very tight and, obviously, this is only a couple of tunes, so I could well be just about to come around to them, requiring me to eat a fucking cement mixer of humble pie – but I doubt it. The guitar work is really solid, everyone is on point and the singer has a nicely raspy voice reminiscent of Axl Rose in places (heydey Axl, not yesterday Axl).

All in all, a decent single that will have a certain portion of the rock ‘n’ roll community eating out of their hands. You can hear the single on Spotify or grab it from http://www.dunken.se/k/dust-bowl-jokies/233

– Andy Chainsaw

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