Micky Dey – Roam

Having first heard Micky Dey in Alt Track, and loving it, I was interested in hearing what he has to offer solo. Initially I was surprised – but in a good way, mind. The real strength of this EP is showcased in the songwriting; songs change genre at the drop of a hat but still flow organically, while the lyrics are heartfelt and emotive.

Opening track ‘Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Desk’ sets the tone for the EP. It’s a laidback folk-punk song, more in keeping with Surfjan Stevens than Chuck Ragan, and serves a fantastic opener of the EP. ‘High Times (Get Low)’ immediately follows in this vein and appears to offer more of the same. However, this song is the first piece of evidence that Micky wishes to showcase more than the generic folk-pop album. The ending of the song changes and builds suddenly, with a crescendo that would make Explosions In The Sky jealous.

‘Floorboards on Rooftops’ strips away almost all of the other instruments and focuses almost entirely on Micky’s singing. It’s more than a bit emotional, very well written, and probably my favourite song on the EP. Title track ‘Roam’ is next, and sounds a bit like Lightspeed Champion crossed with Ramshackle Glory. The song builds to an ending which could fit most Snow Patrol songs though. You find yourself wondering where the change happened, but it’s as smooth as anything else on the EP.

After the strength of the last two songs ‘Southern Fire’ seems a bit of a damp squib – until about half way through though, where the song turns darker and heavier, and again finishes almost like a post rock song. Final song ‘Dirty Tables & Empty Glasses’ is a return to first track, with a slow-paced folk song. It’s a fitting end to the EP, and leaves you wanting more.

Overall this EP is certainly worth the download, and probably worth buying the homemade, hand cut CD. If it encourages Micky to release more songs then I’d definitely recommend it.

– Alex Ryan

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