Various (ALGB3) – Alt/Punk Vol. 2

This project is, according to the blurb on the A Lonely Burning Ghost bandcamp, “focussed on putting together top quality, freely downloadable compilations featuring tracks…[that] deserve to be heard”, which about nails it. This is a disparate, but well thought out, collection of alternative and punk songs that bode well for the future of this label/project. Not everything is my cup of tea, but then that’s true of Epitaph, Fat and even No Idea samplers down the years – this is a compilation put together for the love of it and it shows. I am looking forward to hearing more from the project.

The bands on this comp range from belting pop punk future legends to more considered emo outfits that remind me of the good old days of Brand New and Vendetta Red to a couple of nod-along college rock gems including stand out track “Too Much Too Fast” by Dogbreath. The final track “Shakey Ground” by Denver, Colorado’s American Haiku is my favourite on the comp for sure – I’m going to be a big fan of this band and I’d put them on in a heartbeat. Verona, Italy’s My Sleepless Youth contribute a more hardcore type vibe with their track. While they aren’t my kind of thing it’s definitely a well-produced, if a little dated to my ears, slice of chug.

Now to the pop-punk!

Melbourne, Australia’s Kissing Booth are a pop punk band in the vein of The Starting Line (from 2002 for the young ‘uns) but that’s no criticism, well worth a listen if you’re looking to live your misspent youth for an afternoon. Team Trampoline’s offering “I’m So Popular” has buckets of angst and vigour, think very early Yeah Yeah Yeah’s era Karen O singing for a fuzzy Operator, Please! Accidente hail from Madrid and are as good a European skate punk band as you’re going to hear this year. I would compare them to Rentokill’s first LP.

The ALBG Alt/Punk Vol.2 (and their other comps) are available over at right now for free, the punk price!

– Andy Chainsaw

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