Muncie Girls / Great Cynics – Split

The first thing that strikes me about this split is how much Muncie Girls sound like a chilled out, poppier Above Them. ‘Everyday’ is extremely catchy, and a great introduction to the record. It’s a very good pop punk song, and is probably the strongest of the Muncie Girls tracks; not to take anything away from ‘The Teacher’ and ‘The Real You’. Clear indie influences are present, and there are parts reminiscent of Cats and Cats and Cats.

Great Cynics’ first song ‘Whatever You Want’ does it best to channel Rocket From The Crypt and they do it very well. The song is probably my favourite on the split, and I challenge you to not sing along with the chorus. Despite this, I still find Great Cynics the weaker of the two bands, and final track ‘Dirt In My Book Bag’ is particularly disappointing, and the split ends on a bit of a low note.

This record is definitely worth a listen; Muncie Girls are very good, and I await a full length CD eagerly. Great Cynics show no improvement over last year’s album ‘Like I Belong’ – it’s not that their songs are bad, but you might be a bit disappointed if you were a fan previously. And if you do happen to like their three songs, then definitely check out their previous output as you’ll see how good they can really be.

– Alex Ryan

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