Goober Patrol / 7 Day Conspiracy – Split LP

When you’re sent something by two long-standing bands, it’s hard to not get a preconceived notion as to what it’s going to sound like. Norwich punks Goober Patrol offer up five tracks in just under 10 minutes on Side A.

I was anticipating middle aged men playing silly punk. The first track ‘That’s the Point’ nearly expels that expectation by managing to sound the most serious the Goobers have sounded in a while. After this, though, we’re back to basics with four tracks of silliness, some organ thrown in, all culminating in ‘Coconuts’.

Kent’s 7 Day Conspiracy manage four tracks in nearly 12 minutes and provide a more serious affair than Goobers’ flip side. Sounding like a late 90s/early 00s skate punk band, 7DC’s style hasn’t really changed over the years but – as the saying goes – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

7DC have always liked to chuck in a bit of calypso into their releases and this is no different. ‘Berkshire Hunt’ is this release’s (almost) token calypso number and the most Goober-esque in terms of seriousness (or lack thereof), with its refrain of “you’re a cunt, you’re a fucking cunt”.

All in all, a nice little release but nothing that’s ever going to be accused of breaking new ground or shattering expectations.

– Ian Perry

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