Atterkop – Atterkop

I always thought the term ‘skacore’ was grossly overused back in its parent genre’s heyday in the early noughties. The likes of Capdown, Antimaniax and Five Knuckle were rightfully linked with the phrase, but at one time it seemed bands just needed a distorted guitar and some horns to fall under the category. The truth is, not many bands successfully incorporated ska with hardcore music.

Fast-forward to today, and the genre has pretty much died out. Many may rejoice at this statement – but I think, when it’s done right, skacore is one of the most exciting and explosive styles of music around.

Atterkop, hailing from Bristol, where Five Knuckle also called home, have decided to keep the skacore flag flying – and they’re doing it in fine style. The band clearly wear their influences on their sleeve. It’s aggressive, politically-charged and laced with intricate ska sections – sound familiar?

Nearly all of the songs on this six-track EP could have been early Five Knuckle tracks – the bands share the same passion, dynamism and relentlessness. There’s a hint of dub in some of the songs which does give Atterkop a slightly different feel to their defunct neighbours, but essentially, if you enjoyed the All Ages and Lost For Words… records, you should love this.

Atterkop are one of those bands that sound great on record, yet you know they’ll be even better live. So, if their hitting up your town soon, go check them out – I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

– AC

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