NONA / Crow Bait – Split

NONA Crow Bait

This six-track split between two bands from the US East Coast, NONA and Crow Bait, is a solid effort, yet hints that both are capable of more.

NONA’s three offerings come first, which build on their decent debut album ‘Through the Head’. First track ‘Conscience’ is a great pop punk number with jagged guitar riffs, while ‘Fast’ (as the title suggests) is a raucous yet catchy affair, once you skip past the somewhat unnecessary one-minute intro. Mid-tempo final number, ‘Church Basements’, is probably the weakest effort, which confirms the band are at their best when they are knocking out scuzzy, bubblegum pop tracks. Mimi Gallagher’s sickly sweet vocals might not be to everyone’s tastes but there’s no doubting they help give the band a distinctive and unique sound.

If NONA release a new full-length this year, we could really see their popularity go up a couple of notches. This split will certainly keep fans interested in anticipation for their sophomore album.

Long Island’s Crow Bait have a very Dead Broke Rekerds sound, but with members of Iron Chic, Sister Kisser and Wax Phantom on board, it’s hardly surprising.

While the group don’t quite match up to the aforementioned bands, Crow Bait’s three numbers are well written and have the kind of contagious energy that Iron Chic have become famous for. There’s a real Bangers feel to the first two songs, while the acoustic track, despite feeling a bit like a last-minute add on, is a reflective way to end the record.

Really, this split does exactly what splits are meant to do – it gives new listeners a good introduction to the bands and whets fans’ appetites for future releases.

– AC

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