Neighborhood Brats – Total Dementia

Neighborhood Brats

When you feel like life is getting a bit serious, it’s nice to just switch off and listen to some unpretentious, uncomplicated music. LA’s Neighborhood Brats fit that bill, providing a great soundtrack to the weekend. The band write scuzzy, party songs with a nice dose of attitude.

Released on Dirtnap records in the US, Total Dementia consists of four upbeat pop-punk-rock numbers, including a respectable cover of The Go Go’s’ ‘Lust to Love’. You won’t find anything new here, but the joy of this record comes from its simplicity. Vocalist Jenny Angelillo rasps over garage punk guitars and driving bass lines, making it very hard not to at least nod your head while listening. It’s fun yet aggressive music, and certainly worth checking out.

– AC

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